High school senior portraits then and now

The early 2000s ushered in an era of butterfly clips, pleather jackets, frosted tips, and belly shirts. Also around this time, Justin Timberlake's cornrows were slowly fading in the rearview mirror and Vitamin C was not just an ingredient in orange juice. (How many times did you have to hear “Graduation (Friends Forever)”? #abillion #neverforget #nostalgia) 

This was also a time when having your high school senior portraits done at a photo studio was the norm.  

(That’s me in 2003!-->) 

I remember going to the photo studio with a friend of mine and our however-many outfit changes. She’d have her photo taken in the wingback chair and then I’d have mine taken there. She’d have her photo taken in the little white chair and then I’d have mine taken there. I didn’t think much of it because it’s the way senior portraits were just done at the time.  

It was the first photo shoot I’d ever done that was just pictures of me. I don’t remember my exact feelings at the shoot but I can imagine I was super nervous and had no idea what was going on! When I got my portraits back, I do remember thinking I was hot stuff!  *shakes head*

In the years since, I’ve seen how high school senior portraits have changed and how that world has been opened up to all kinds of possibilities! There’s a freedom to senior portraits that exists nowadays. A freedom in what you wear, where you shoot and how you pose (or don’t pose, if you like candid shots!). They’re more personalized and, more often than not, they’re done on location. 

             (The shoot on the left was at a friend's house and the right was on Jackson Street Bridge in Atlanta!)

I wish I’d known there were other options for my senior portraits. I wish I’d known that I could’ve had my photos done at a horse farm or an antebellum home or some other cool location, if I’d wanted to. But hey, I do have good memories associated with my senior portraits and it’s fun to laugh at how much I loved the soft focus in that portrait of myself above. (I mean, I LOVED that soft focus.) 

Bottom line is, modern-day high school seniors, you have OPTIONS! So how are you going to make the most of them?   

That 2003 soft-focus gem at the top not your style? Mine either! If you’re looking for a fun, lighthearted, on-location shooting adventure I’m currently booking class of 2017 seniors! Email me at info@stefaniepainter.com to receive the Pricing Guide!