So when I’m not at my desk working on photos or various business plans, you’ll usually find my TV-obsessed self in my favorite chair watching Netflix or some show I’ve DVR’d.  Any fellow Downton Abbey or Parks and Recreation fans out there? “Treat yo self!”

I’ve got a knack for paying attention to details, overanalyzing everything, and getting scared easily. (I literally screamed while watching Finding Nemo when the shark popped up out of nowhere.)

I was born and raised in the South so southern staples, like fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits, are my comfort food but I love trying new foods. Let’s be real, I just love food in general! In fact, I wanted to be a pastry chef when I was in high school (but then it changed to art teacher, then archaeologist, etc, etc…).

Photography as a potential career option came into my life my last year of college while I was taking a black and white film class. I loved spending hours in the darkroom getting to create tangible work. I remember the first time I ever developed a print of a photo I’d taken…watching the image slowly develop on the paper was one of the coolest things ever.

My photography style is warm, colorful and timeless. And my passion is to provide quality, tangible products and document milestones for clients so they can be busy living in those moments!


Photo by: Elsie Bennett